Vivité. One step ahead for your health.

  • You are on a cruise ship and fall severely ill at sea. Do you remember which antibiotics you are allergic to?

    Your health file knows.
    Fortunately, all your medical data are available over the Internet.

  • You had an operation recently and feel severe pains while you are on holiday. How can the local doctor access your medical records?

    Your health file contains all your records.
    They are always and easily accessible over the Internet.

  • A dog bites you during your holiday in Seville. When was your last tetanus booster shot?

    The answer is in your Health File.
    Available in Spanish, of course.

  • You suddenly faint at a petrol station. How will the emergency doctor know right away that you are a diabetic?

    Your health file contains all your data and the doctor can
    access the information using your secure Vivité card.

Dr. med. Eckhard Löhde

Welcome to Vivité!

Your health has its own history. Imagine that all documents on the illnesses that you have suffered and all findings of the tests you have had performed were collected in a single web-based file, accessible from anywhere, anytime you need them.

Imagine the data would be immediately available to physicians and surgeons as well, which could be crucial in case of emergency. This is exactly the service that we offer. A Vivité doctor edits your personal Health Document, updates the data and guarantees secure storage. It may be one of the best things you can do for your health.