A file that can save your life.

  • Medical profile

    Your Health File contains all important documents (findings, vaccinations, allergies, x-rays, operative reports, etc.) that determine your personal medical profile. It is edited by doctors for doctors and thus constitutes a perfect source of information for any future treatment.

  • Constantly available

    Your Health File is available on the Internet so that you and your doctors can access it easily, anytime and from anywhere, using a PC or smartphone. Of course, you can also print the data or send them via e-mail.

  • Emergency access

    Should you ever lose consciousness or be unable to speak after a severe accident, how could the emergency doctor quickly find out the details of your medical history? This is now possible thanks to the secure Vivité card. Thus provided with all relevant information, the doctor can rapidly make the right decisions.

  • International service

    You travel with greater peace of mind as holder of the Vivité card, since your Health File is not only always available, but also understandable in all countries: it matches international standards and is translated into many languages.

  • Updated data

    We update your Health File as soon as you send us new medical documents. Should we receive no news from you within one year, a Vivité doctor contacts you and asks whether any new findings were made, goes over your medical situation with you and updates your Health File as needed.

  • Medication check

    The Vivité doctor also checks your medications: are they compatible with each other? Have new risks been discovered in relation with the active ingredients? Have any of the medications you are taking been recalled? You will be informed as quickly as possible.

  • Better information

    Vivité keeps you informed of the latest medical news. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you need any scientific information on a specific domain of medical research.

  • Additional modules

    The Health File service will be further developed and improved in the near future. For example, it will include additional modules for conditions such as diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular disorders aimed at optimising treatments and enabling you to live more healthily.

  • Virtual safe

    Your health file includes a special zone which even the Vivité doctors cannot access, where you can store various personal documents such as photos, your passport, etc.

  • Optimal security

    Protecting your medical data is a priority for Vivité: our employees are bound by professional secrecy and we constantly update our anti-piracy technology. Our goal is to offer you virtually 100% data security.