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An idea born from practice

Privatdozent Dr. med. Eckhard Löhde

Day after day, we — doctors from all countries — have to face the same challenge: taking the right decisions for our patients’ health.Prior to formulating a diagnosis and prescribing an appropriate treatment, however, we need to know as many details as possible about the patient: What illnesses has he had previously? Does he have any allergies or chronic conditions? Has he had surgery? What were the results of the most recent X rays or electrocardiograms? Most of the time, the documents that could answer such questions are kept in practices or hospitals — hundreds or thousands of kilometres away. In such a situation we cannot do anything but repeat tests that were already performed shortly before by other doctors.
This costs time, which is rare and precious in a practice’s day-to-day business. Moreover, some important data may be missed, which is even more critical, since it could result in incorrect diagnoses, medical malpractice and complications. The situation is all the more dangerous in an emergency case, when we need to know all of the main risk factors as quickly as possible.
Against this practical background, I decided to found the Vivité company and developed the Health File concept (International Health Document). It is my firm conviction that each of us is responsible for his health and should improve the quality of his preventive care. This is exactly what you can do with Vivité’s Health File.
This document contains all important data related to your health (findings, x-rays, vaccinations, allergies) and can also include various data of general interest, such as a living will or an organ donor card. A Vivité-certified doctor edits the file and continuously updates it. Moreover, your personal Health File matches international standards and is translated into several languages, so that any doctor anywhere in the world can understand it and provide the medical care that you require.
Your Vivité Health File accompanies you throughout your lifetime. And guarantees that your preventive care leaves nothing to chance.

Dr. med. Eckhard Löhde
Founder of Vivité