The people at Vivité.

Vivité GmbH

Miquelstraße 35
14199 Berlin
T +49 30 88772800
F +49 30 88772811

  • Dr. med. Eckhard Löhde


    Dr. med. Eckhard Löhde, Director Vivité GmbH

    A surgeon who specialises in microinvasive procedures, Dr Löhde developed innovative concepts for surgical treatment of abdominal and diaphragm hernias. He teaches surgery in Germany (Berlin’s Humboldt University) and abroad and is a member of the Strasbourg-based WebSurg virtual university.

  • Julia Drescher

    Executive assistant

    Julia Drescher, Executive assistant

    An office administrator, Ms Drescher has been heading the secretary’s office of the Löhde surgery since 2004.