Preventive care begins here.

We often think: “I should definitely do something for my health!”
We give you an opportunity to do so: by registering for Vivité’s Health File service.

  • Start

    Click on one of the Register buttons to the right to access a page where you can enter your personal data. A template of your Health File appears as soon as you click on “More”.

  • Welcome call

    A medical secretary calls you the next day to welcome you to Vivité and make an appointment for a telephone consultation with a Vivité doctor. You can already send us all your medical documents at this point (findings, x-rays, operative reports, etc.).

  • Telephone consultation

    A Vivité doctor calls you to edit your Health File together with you. He has already studied the medical documents that you sent him and asks a number of questions related to your health. He may notice that certain documents are missing or advise you to have additional testing done. Please plan about one hour for this very important telephone consultation.

  • Reception of your Vivité card

    Within a few days, you receive your secure Vivité card. Please keep it with you at all times so that your medical data are rapidly accessible in case of emergency.

  • Your Health File available on the Internet

    Once the Vivité doctor receives your medical documents, he verifies the data, signs your Health File and uploads it to the Internet. From now on, it’s up to you to send us all new documents (findings, x-rays, etc.) per mail, fax or e-mail so that we can assess them and update your Health File.

  • Any questions?

    Don’t hesitate to call (+49 3088772800) or e-mail us ( if you have any questions. We are here to provide the answers.
    Please click here for information on fees and additional services.